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Election Rant

Prime Time tonight was all about voter apathy, especially among younger people, and one of my pet peeves is people who don't bother to vote.

Now, we all agree that bad politicans cause people to lose interest in politics. But people forget that the opposite holds too - voter apathy causes shoddy politicans. Say you're performing on stage in a band but the crowd is ignoring you.. would you give it your all? Likewise, If you're a TD and you knew that a third of the electorate had no opinion on whether you got elected or not, would you make a special effort to please those people? On the other hand, imagine we had a 95% turnout in general elections, and every time a TD reneged on an election promise there were riots in the streets. In short, politicians respond to incentives just like everyone else.

I also think that some voter apathy is just sour grapes in disguise: "The person I voted for didn't get elected. I didn't win, so I'm going to go sulk in the corner and not play any more."

Yeah, so we have a democracy, and it basically works. So use it. (Also, am I the only one in favour of Australian-style compulsory voting?)

Finally, a quote: "People who vote in Big Brother / Pop Idol / Eurovision but do not vote in parliamentary elections relinquish all rights to express any political opinions whatsoever."
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